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Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

NORMI announced today that it has unveils a new Energy Consumption Audit program for the homeowner who wants a “Do-it-Yourself” program that is affordable but covers the major concerns they have about power usage in their home. The survey, now available at, gives the client an opportunity to assess their power usage for just $99 and includes a Kill-A-Watt tool, outlet sealers, and a 32 page full-color questionnaire.

‘Never before has energy assessment process been so easy, user-friendly and affordable,’ said Doug Hoffman, Executive Director of NORMI. ‘The consumers choices have been reduced to either a simplified audit that catches only the major components of an assessment or a very expensive audit that few people can afford. By starting the process with our new Power Survey, the consumer can now start down the road to lower usage and potentially greater savings for just $99 and understand the impact energy consumption has on their building envelope, electrical appliances, heating/cooling systems, and electrical lighting. It’s a win-win for everyone because we all save when each of us saves!’

NORMI, the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors was founded on July 4, 2004 and initially designed to support mold licensing laws. With a broader mission to train professionals and the public on the problems on indoor environmental issues, the addition of the Professional Screening Partner program to include assessments for indoor air quality, energy consumption, and, soon to come, drinking water solutions was a natural progression. With the assistance of the NORMIPro Environmental TASC Force, teams of environmental professionals around the world are helping people solve their environmental issues in very affordable ways.

For more information on the training program that accompanies the PSP program, be go to or for more information on NORMI, call 877.251.2296.