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Virginia Licensing Law Disappears

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

In our humble opinion, this is a sad day for the Commonwealth of Virginia. Though we certainly understand the concerns about how mold licensing effects business, more important to us is how the lack of licensing effects the public. The industry has been fraught with scams and charlatans and this provides yet another opportunity for those less than honorable businessmen to practice their trickery on the unsuspecting public.

Because NORMI served as an approved training provider for the licensing board, we were emailed today and advised, “After a comprehensive review across state government, Governor McDonnell’s Commission on Government Reform and Restructuring recommended de-regulation of the mold program. For more information about the Commission and its recommendations, visit

At its 2012 Session, the General Assembly passed legislation endorsing the proposal to de-regulate the mold program, and Governor McDonnell signed the bill. Effective July 1, 2012, mold remediation and mold inspection will revert to being un-regulated professions, meaning state credentials will not be required to perform those activities.”

So what is the public to do? Continue to look for well-trained mold professionals through credible organizations like NORMI. Make sure the professional you hire, whether a remediator or assesor, is properly trained, insured and experienced. Protect yourself because, at least for now, you are on your own.

For more information on the proper training, go to and for more information on a well-trained professional near you, see