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Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

Abita Springs, LA

“I was able to ask questions specific to my business, touch the tools and connect with other professionals who could supplement what I don’t do.  It was a great way to build a team.”

“It was worth the investment.  Yes, I had to spend a couple of nights in a hotel but that helped me concentrate on preparing for the exams!  Definitely worth the cost!”

“It’s just hard to stare at a computer screen for hours.  I don’t mind an hour here or there, especially for continuing education but three days in my seat with no hands-on.  That’s not for me!”

NORMI onsite training has been the foundation for the strength of our organization,” said Doug Hoffman, Executive Director of NORMI.  “Getting people connected to each other, the trainer and the industry is much easier when there is an eye-to-eye connection.  Developing a team approach to any project is better for the client and protects the industry against charlatans.”

NORMI offers both onsite and online trainings, whichever suits your need.  Onsite trainings include hands-on, Q&A and proctoring exam opportunities, many of which are simply not available through online options.

For more information on NORMI training, see Best Training School, call 877.251.2296, or email

NORMI Water Classes Will Change Your Business!

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

Abita Springs, LA

NORMI, the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors, announces a brand-new direction for mold professionals.  Water extraction and drying classes are now a part of the onsite training program offered to mold professionals, both assessors and remediators.  The classes are designed to educate anyone who does emergency drying or water losses to eliminate the possibility of proliferating mold growth.

“We are so excited to move into this arena because water extraction and drying is so misunderstood,” said Doug Hoffman, Executive Director of NORMI.  “The mold professional must know the proper way to dry structures, construction materials and contents and, unfortunately, the professionals most people are drawn to are unfamiliar with the proper techniques for drying and proving that it is dry.  I love the approach we’re taking because it’s about objective proof, not what somebody ‘thinks’ they’ve accomplished.”

The NORMI Mold Damage Prevention (MDP) class is the first in a series of five (5) trainings that will be conducted by Mark Wichern to improve the industry.  Insurance companies and the public wan a drying solution that is affordable and efficient.  Older techniques in the industry simply don’t work.

As an emergency services provider for water events like flooding, water leaks or other water events, you will want this training.  For more information, see Best Training School or call NORMI at 877.251.2296.  Insurance adjusters, call for special pricing and group training options. (ext. 876) or contact