Guest Blogger Program

Every week, we provide the public, industry professionals and our members with unique content and trainings that we hope are beneficial to their professional and even personal growth. In turn, we have also learned a lot from our members and their front-line experiences in the industry. This is why we’ve created a guest blogger opportunity exclusively to which our members may contribute. Each week, members will be given the opportunity to write a short blog post about an industry-specific topic. Our blog posts are published on the website and all social media channels. It’s a great opportunity for exposure and professional growth. We’d love to hear from you!

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Please review the parameters below before submitting your request form.

– Must be an active NORMI member

– Must adhere to deadlines 

– NORMI admin team has the right to edit written content for grammar, fact checking and privacy concerns

– Must be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 2,000.

– Must be industry-related

– One topic per blog post

-Must include at least 1 photo*, maximum of 5 (We may change or edit photos as needed)

*(Photo(s) must be owned or taken by you or someone that has given permission to use them for this purpose. Google images or stock photos are not accepted.)

To submit your article, complete the following:

“I agree that NORMI may use this article in any way it feels will accomplish its mission and the author gives up all copyright interest in the article. The article will, therefore, become the intellectual property of NORMI.”
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