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iQi Monitors (wi-fi or Zigbee) Models 


About the Program

The NORMIPro Monitoring Program is designed to provide ongoing Indoor Air Quality Monitoring of specific environmental conditions and changes over time.  As anomalies over time are detected, notifications and recommendations are provided to the end user.  The standard procedure is to direct the end user back to the NORMI™ trained service provider for assistance and solutions.  As with any IAQ issues, remediation projects, or other restoration situations, specialized training may be required.  Having a knowledge of what the iQi equipment and monitoring program can do and not do will be a must. 

As a general rule: This program WILL NOT monitor any condition that would be classified as an emergency  situation or require an emergency response. (Carbon monoxide detection, Fire, Burglar, or Smoke Alarms) Additionally, the iQi devices Do NOT provide any audible warning sounds.

The minimum requirements to offer the Monitoring program are as follows:


Add a Customer Account and Monitors.  (In Testing)  


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