NORMI™ Accreditation Process

The Process…

If you are currently working in the mold industry and certified by a nationally recognized organization or State licensed (in a State that requires licensing for mold professionals), NORMI™ may reciprocate and make you a certified member as either a CMA (NORMI™ Certified Mold Assessor) or CMR (NORMI™ Certified Mold Remediator) based on information you provide through this application process. The process is easy and once reviewed by our Compliance Division, you will be designated by the NORMI™ Board of Directors as an interim member and listed on our website for the world to see. You may begin immediately marketing yourself as a certified ACTIVE NORMI™ Member, will be assigned a NORMI™ ID number and given the opportunity to take advantage of all the ACTIVE Member benefits available (see Join.NORMI™.org for benefit details).

Because NORMI™ has a unique solution-based, wholistic approach IAQ/Mold issues and their resolution, it is recommended that you take a NORMI™ approved class on IAQ/Mold  Assessment or Remediation as soon as possible (classes available at Accreditation requires your taking a FREE online training segment on NORMI™ Professional Practices (our insurable best practices document) which is available to you through the ACTIVE Member back office once you have activated your membership.

The accreditation program benefits you in the following ways:

  1. Full access to all FREE ACTIVE Member benefits.
  2. Up-to-date trainings in the latest technologies through LIVE ONLINE Continuing Education, available for FREE every week,
  3. Some trainings on Tuesday evenings qualify for FREE CEUs for the State of Florida licensing requirement as well as meeting the continuing education requirements for other affiliated or recognized organizations
  4. The ability to market yourself for FREE through the www.NORMI™ website including a website program personally tailored to your company and,
  5. A FREE support system unsurpassed in the industry including LIVE Help, a toll free Support Line, and eMail support.

To become accredited, you will do the following:

  1. Complete the application for whichever specific NORMI™ Certification your wish,
  2. Active your membership at Join.NORMI™.org (can be incorporated in the application process as shown on application),
  3. eMail or FAX application with appropriate documentation.

NOTE: Fees for accreditation are processed AFTER you have been accredited which process takes approximately five (5) business days from receipt of your completed paperwork and documentation. Once accredited you may download the NORMI™ Logo Package from the member section and begin marketing your business as NORMI™ Certified. Congratulations on this savvy business decision.

Download CMA Application

Download CMR Application

Download NCMP Application