What’s so different about NORMI Training?

Abita Springs, 11/19/2018

This is a question we answered many times at our first ISSA Conference in Dallas and, frankly, are asked many times. Though NORMI™ is not new to the industry (established 07/01/04), the question is understandable as NORMI™, with the help of ISSA, transitions its national program into an international presence.

Customized Training—Companies differ in their structure and their market. Most training organizations provide a specific set of training from which you choose and may or may not fit the needs of the student. NORMI™ is flexible enough to develop a training program tailored to the business model or industry in which the student is working. Healthcare, educational, institutional and industrial are distinct vertical markets with unique needs to deal with their indoor air quality issues. After only one brief conversation with the NORMI™ training team, a class can be developed to fit your budget, time constraints and training needs.

Building Science Foundation—Indoor air quality and mold classes are typically built on the assumption that some water event has taken place to cause the problems. The wholistic NORMI™ training certainly covers the standard topics of water movement (diffusion and transport), extraction and drying but, more importantly, broadens the discussion to include other water sources that feed mold like relative humidity, condensation and air infiltration. For instance, students learn the importance of regularly scheduled maintenance and the impact that an air conditioning and heating system can have on the quality of the air and surfaces in indoor environments. Buildings are like living, breathing organisms so understanding how they function gives the student a better understanding of how to solve the IAQ and mold problems on an ongoing basis.

Added Credibility—Because NORMI™ is the only not-for-profit trade association recognized and approved by all five states that require mold licensing, NORMI™ training and certification demonstrates a higher level of training and a national certification. Certifications can be offered that are specific to your industry and will bolster your strength in the marketplace.

Firm Membership Benefits—NORMI™ Firm membership offers discounts on G/L (General Liability) and P/L (Professional Liability) saving its members thousands of dollars every year in insurance premiums. However, one of the most popular benefits offered to Firm members is the FREE online training program. New, or existing, employees can get the training they need in an online format at no additional charge. Once trained, if the company chooses to do so, the student can sit for an online proctored examination and become NORMI™ certified. With this program, all employees get the same training and carry the same NORMI™ Certification. Further, this benefit gives the employee a stronger sense of the importance of training and more confidence that they are staying on top of their industry. This ongoing training program protects you, the employer, from downside litigation.

The new strategic alliance between NORMI™ and ISSA will provide more opportunities for ISSA members to know about this higher level of training and the credible certifications offered by NORMI™. For more information on how NORMI™ can provide site specific training for your company, contact NORMI™ at 877.251.2296 or email support@normi.org