NORMI Code of Ethics


This CODE of ETHICS was developed by the Board of Directors on Friday, October 1, 2004 in an effort to solidify the commitment to integrity, honesty, and quality to the public and it’s membership. Each member of has signed this document.

NORMI Members Duty to the Public…

  • The NORMI Member shall abide by the Code of Ethics and substantially follow all the standards of this code.
  • The NORMI Member will not engage in any practices that could be damaging to the public or bring discredit to the IAQ/Mold industry.
  • The NORMI Member shall be fair, honest, impartial, and act in good faith in dealing with the public.
  • The NORMI Member will not discriminate in any business activities on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, familial status, or handicap and shall comply with all federal, state and local laws concerning discrimination.
  • The NORMI Member shall be truthful regarding his/her services & qualifications.
  • The NORMI Member will have no undisclosed conflict of interest with the client.
  • The NORMI Member will not communicate any information to anyone except the client without the prior written consent of the client, except where it may affect the safety of others or violates a law or statute.
  • The NORMI Member shall always act in the interest of the client, unless doing so violates a law, statute, or this Code of Ethics.
  • The NORMI Member shall use a written contract that specifies the services to be performed, limitations of services, and fees.
  • The NORMI Member shall comply with all government rules and licensing requirements of the jurisdiction where he/she conducts business.
  • The NORMI Member will not make performance claims in regards to recommended products which violate the claims of the manufacturer. In no case will medical or health claims be made either verbally or in writing that exceed the approved printed and documented claims of the manufacturer.
  • The NORMI Member shall, for all products used in the course of their profession, follow the manufacturer’s instruction for use, application directions, and/or safety guidelines.
  • The NORMI Member understands that the use of logos, trademarks, and/or copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited except by permission as the law prescribes.

NORMI Members Duty to the Profession and…

  • The NORMI Member will strive to improve the IAQ/Mold Industry by sharing his/her lessons and/or experiences for the benefit of all. This does not preclude the Inspector from copyrighting or marketing his/her expertise to other Inspectors or the public in any manner permitted by law.
  • The NORMI Member shall assist the NORMI leadership in disseminating and publicizing the benefits of NORMI membership.
  • The NORMI Member will refrain from attempting to solicit potential business partners away from fellow-NORMI members. By respecting each others time and efforts in the expansion process, internal conflicts will be avoided. Any violation of this rule will result in immediate termination of NORMI membership without review.
  • The NORMI Member will not engage in any act or practice that could be deemed damaging, seditious, or destructive to NORMI, fellow NORMI members, NORMI employees, leadership or directors. Member(s) accused of acting or deemed in violation of such rules shall be reviewed by the Ethics committee for possible sanctions and/or expulsion from NORMI.