NORMI™ will continue to lead the industry in developing and providing high-quality training and support for IAQ professionals who desire to improve their ability to build a successful business while delivering high-quality assessment, sanitization, remediation and monitoring services to the public.

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National Organization of Remediators and Microbial Inspectors

National Organization of Remediators and Microbial Inspectors

NORMI™, the National Organization of Remediators and Microbial Inspectors, is one of the fastest growing certifying agencies in the country and has been involved in providing high quality training for mold and indoor environmental professionals since 2004. Having trained thousands of construction professionals through the United States, Canada, Europe and South America, NORMI™ provides over 32 certifications to meet licensing laws now established in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Florida, New York, Washington, DC and Portland,OR. Many states are considering regulations regarding mold professionals licensing and NORMI™ is in the forefront of that legislation to help protect the public and the trade without jeopardizing business growth. Sound, reasonable regulations become a solid foundation on which well-trained professionals can ...

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