Frequently Asked Questions

Does NORMI require continuing education for re-certification?

Yes, NORMI requires 20 hours of continuing education each year and offers 48 opportunities a year to gain one (1) hours of CEU through FREE online training to its ACTIVE Members. See for details

Are NORMI Members listed with their certifications when the state they work in requires licensing?

In an effort to avoid recommending unlicensed contractors as licensed, ACTIVE NORMI members listed at will have their certifications listed ONLY if they have also met state licensing requirements. If they have not met those requirements, their certifications will be hidden from view until such time as they meet the requirements.

What is the certification process for licensing states versus non-licensing states?

The NORMI Board of Directors has established general guidelines for certification in both licensing and non-licensing states. The NORMI Certification Process does not address specifically each certification individually but does identify general requirements based on licensing and non-licensing states.

How involved are you in legislative affairs?

NORMI has a Director of Legislative Affairs who maintains a working relationship with legislators who are interested in amending existing or introducing new legislation to license the mold industry.

Do you sell products?

NORMI is “product neutral” but provides access to it membership to screening lab products, testing equipment, and other services that help the member more completely do his job.

Do you offer reciprocity with other organizations?

In some cases we do allow reciprocity. Those organization that evidence credibility in the marketplace are recognized by NORMI and their members may apply for Accreditation through this website in an effort to obtain the NORMI certifications and member benefits.

How do I become a member of NORMI?

Membership comes automatically when you enroll in one of our classes listed at Best Training School. You are assigned a unique NORMI ID number and that number can be used to activate your membership and receive all the benefits of NORMI membership.