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Mold Free Construction by Doug Hoffman

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Mold Free Construction

Mold Free Construction by Doug Hoffman

Every contractor is aware of the great problem of moisture in the home building process. The building protocol followed by a construction company can make an enormous difference in the indoor environment of a home. Water damage to ceilings and walls, problems with the HVAC system, and rampant mold can make a homeowners worst nightmares come true. That is why Doug Hoffman’s book Mold-Free Construction is so timely and important.

Doug Hoffman is more than qualified to write a book addressing building science. As a licensed general contractor, roofing contractor, plumbing contractor, indoor air consultant, indoor air quality and water purification environmental consultant, former NIAQI advisory board member, and executive director of NORMI, he developed the Mold-Free Process of Construction as a result of a wide variety of experience in the home building industry. Every homeowner, home builder, and construction partner should read this book. Doug points out a variety of common mistakes that can lead to devastating mold problems in a home.

Doug writes with an easy to follow, common sense approach to the problem of mold free construction. He outlines each area of the home, and the necessary considerations that a homeowner should take. He gives practical advice for avoiding a mold problem that a contractor will be able to implement. Even better, there is a convenient homeowner check-list at the end of the book so you can be confident that you have secured each area of the home against mold.

Doug’s book can be purchased on Amazon for $14.99, and should be a staple in the library of every homeowner and contractor. Purchase a copy today to find out for yourself how simple the Mold-Free Process of Construction really is.