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Amazon Prime Members can subscribe to TheNORMIchannel for Free

(Subscribers view commercial free and have access to Chat and other features not available on Free accounts) 

Linking and Unlinking Your Amazon and Twitch Accounts

Amazon Prime + Twitch

Want to take advantage of the chat feature? Subscribe to TheNORMIchannel for free through your Amazon Prime account.

  • You must have an Amazon Prime account and a Twitch account.
  • Need an Amazon Prime account? Go to
  • Need a Twitch account? Go to and click the purple “Sign Up” button in the upper right corner.

Link Amazon Prime + Twitch Accounts

  • To link your accounts, go to
  • On the left side, under your Twitch screen name, click “Link Twitch Account”  
  • Confirm by clicking “Link accounts” on the pop up.
  • Verify the two accounts being linked are both yours then click “Confirm”
  • Refresh this page and start chatting!

 Unlink Your Accounts

  • Go to and sign in. 
  • Click your account icon in the upper right corner and go down to Settings.
  • Click the Connections tab
  • Click “Disconnect” next to the Amazon account.