The NORMI™ Indoor Air Quality Channel

Schedule: Broadcasting 24/7 (See the following for special presentations and times)

Saturdays and Sundays will be a mix of new and older content from the archives.

  • Tuesday June 6th, 4pm Eastern/3pm Central, will host NORMI™ Re-certification Training.  Special Interview with CleanFax, GBAC, and Industry Experts Analyzing the CDC Ventilation Guidance Target Announcement
  • Tuesday June 6th, 5pm Eastern/4pm Central, or when NRT ends, will host a Special Product training on the PRV24K.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: NORMI.TV welcomes Kick.Com/NORMITV as our newest addition to our Video Platforms.

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  • Additionally on Most Tuesday Nights at 8pm Eastern/7 pm Central

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