Best Living Systems Donates Air Purifiers to Habitat For Humanity

Habitat For Humanity Best Living Systems is know for their outstanding air purification and surface protection products, including the BLS12K air purification unit and EnzyMagic 201™.  Most notably, they are known for using the trademarked MCI™ (multi-cluster ionization) technology to provide the most effective air purification equipment on the market.

However, the company also participates in many humanitarian efforts. Having clean air to breathe in a home is of utmost importance to the health and quality of life of the occupants. If clean air protocol can be implemented after new construction, many potential issues can be prevented.

This coming Tuesday night 09/27, Best Living Systems is partnering with Habitat for Humanity to provide five fortunate new homeowners with free brand new air purifiers, featuring MCI™ technology, for their new homes. Habitat for Humanity is a worthy cause making a difference in local communities. Best Living Systems is pleased to be able to assist them with this program.

Thanks to Best Living Systems for making this donation!




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