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Is Training Really Necessary?

Abita Springs, LA Some people our industry view training as unnecessary.  Whether initial training or continuing education training, they view any legislation regarding licensing “unnecessarily burdening” if it includes a requirement for training, either in the field or in the classroom.  This seems to ignore some pretty important reasons for training. “When I was working […]


HomeAdvisor 2015 “Best of HomeAdvisor Award”

Abita Springs, LA May 7, 2015 We are pleased to announce that thirteen of our NORMI members have been honored by HomeAdvisor with the “Best of HomeAdvisor Award”!  HomeAdvisor is the premier lead-sourcing program in the construction industry and NORMI members are encouraged to take advantage of the lead-sourcing they provide which benefits their individual […]


Top Ten Tips to Avoid Structural Mold from Broken Pipes, Ice Dams, and Flooding

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Nonprofit Contact Person: Doug Hoffman 877.251.2296 ext. 876 January 28, 2015 (Abita Springs, LA) – A few simple steps can save property owners thousands of dollars of damage due to structural mold growth, according to Doug Hoffman, executive director of the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (, a nonprofit […]


The Top Five Uses For Enzyme Cleaners in the Home

Enzymes are the tools of nature. They are present in all living things, where they perform the essential function of converting food to energy and creating new cell material. As catalysts, they speed up natural processes and create natural reactions that otherwise would not materialize or take a long time to complete. There are thousands […]


UVC fights Ebola with Air Purification Equipment

Abita Springs, LA  October 18, 2014 With the current concern about Ebola transmission, the question is once again raised about the value, effectiveness and efficacy of ultra-violet component technologies on destroying the DNA of micro-organisms and, subsequently, keeping surfaces clean.  Xenex, a company selling sanitization products into the medical industry (see video here) has perfected equipment […]


Customer Service Mistakes in the Indoor Air Quality Industry

Does Your IAQ Business Get Thumbs Down for Service? No matter how great your company’s product or service is, if your customer service skills are lacking, it won’t make much difference. This is especially true in today’s economy, as struggling business owners need every possible advantage over their competition. Unfortunately, far too many business owners […]


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Realizing that our nation's indoor air environments and drinking water sources are at risk, NORMI is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the indoor living environment through educating the public and training professionals to identify problems and offer solutions to improve indoor air and drinking water quality.

NORMI's goal is to be the nation's premier certifying agency for indoor air quality and drinking water professionals by providing the very best education, training, and support to enhance awareness of problems and solutions that benefit public health.


NORMI™ provides education to...

PROFESSIONALS in the Indoor Air Quality and Drinking Water Industries to better educate them to understand the magnitude of the contaminants attacking both indoor air and drinking water and to comprehend the need for and the answer to solving the problems rather than just the symptoms. By better understanding the problems and solutions surrounding these issues, a sense of environmental awareness will be developed in professionals already working in these fields.

MOLD PROFESSIONALS in the areas of assessment, inspections, protocol-writing, sanitization, and remediation for the purpose of better educating them on the techniques for evaluating mold problems and offering solutions to mitigate damage and, subsequently, create a Mold-Free living environment for their clients.

BUSINESS PEOPLE who are interested in entering the Indoor Air Quality and Drinking Water fields for the purpose of developing a business so they will be better able to assist their clients in understanding the current status of indoor air and drinking water quality and how best to solve the problems of both.

The GENERAL POPULATION by providing information to better educate them on the impact that polluting indoor air and drinking water has had and will continue have on their own health and that of the general public unless the problems are addressed with real, practical, common sense solutions. By accomplishing this we will develop a better sense of environmental awareness in the mind of the general public.

YOUNG PEOPLE to be environmentally conscious of the need to preserve the nature resources and control the pollutants that impact indoor air quality and drinking water quality by taking personal responsibility for the control of those pollutants.


  • Developing the best training for professionals in the fields of Indoor Air Quality, Drinking Water, and Mold.
  • Improving the indoor environment with higher quality indoor air and better drinking water.
  • Impacting state licensing legislation in a positive and productive way.
  • Researching the most accurate and truthful information to dispense to its membership.
  • Providing the best and most comprehensive support for its membership.
  • Endorsing only those Indoor Air Quality and Drinking Water solutions that are effective to solving problems.
  • Supporting its membership in every activity that complies with the NORMI Code of Ethics.
  • Offering relevant and effective Continuing Education to its membership.
  • Building a strong network of trained professionals who work together to solve problems.
  • Exemplifying a team spirit in the resolution of IAQ and H2O problems.
  • Putting the needs of the client and student ahead of any personal self-interest, financial or otherwise.
  • Enhancing the quality of living indoors so as to improve the health of its occupants.
  • Striving to do all things to the glory of God.


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