A Review of “Mold: The War Within”

Abita Springs, LA 11/05/10

Subtitled Lessons Learned from Katrina, this book peaked my interest from the onset because we, too, were in the midst of the toxic mold problems that resulted from the most devastating hurricane ever to hit southeastern Louisiana. NORMI, the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors, www.NORMI.org, was formed in July of 2004 just one year before Hurricane Katrina hit and, because we had been training on mold assessment, remediation, and the health issues related to this biological contaminant already in place, we were right here poised to help hundreds, maybe thousands, of people with resources and information that was accurate and timely. Some of our efforts have been archived at www.YouTube.com/NORMIPro.
“Mold: The War Within” could have been one of the most valuable resources a homeowner could have in the midst of the damage from Katrina but it took this natural disaster and the personal struggles of Kurt and Lee Ann Billings to become the basis for this incredible resource. There is no doubt that the generations that follow will now have a comprehensive understanding of how mold and other biological contaminants could change their lives forever.

I was excited to receive and read this book. As a mold professional specializing in creating healthier environments, I have been interested in the short and long-term effects of mold and their myco-toxins on normal, healthy people. For years we have known that immune-compromised individuals, pregnant women and young children have been especially susceptible to the ill-effects of toxic mold exposures but Kurt and Lee Ann have put the spotlight on the real dangers that can affect the average, otherwise healthy, person. It’s not just awareness of the health issues that was so insightful but their straight-forward approach to develop a road map, a path to run on, for people who have had nowhere to turn for answers. Some people don’t even know the right questions to ask and this book is a great starting place for them, too.

Dr. Doris Rapp, my good friend and who has been a pioneer in this field for years, wrote the forward. As a Board Certified Pediatric Physician and NY Best Selling Author (“Is This Your Child” and “Our Toxic World”) Dr. Rapp lends credibility to the Billings’ approach and, by endorsement, invites them onto a team of professionals who are finally focusing on these serious, life-changing issues. Any parent who has found little help in the current medical industry, should take seriously the cries of people like Rapp and Billings. As Dr. Rapp concluded, “Too many people continue to hope for our government to take appropriate and responsible action for what has turned their lives and health upside down.” And the public continues to wait.

It is obvious that Kurt and Lee Ann spent countless hours investigating and studying the mycology of mold, the testing process, the interpretation of lab reports and the scientific data that supports their conclusions. Why were they so interested in this subject—because they themselves experienced the devastating effects of toxic molds and their myco-toxins. As a “victim” of the bureaucracies, ill-informed medical community and confusing, sometimes contradictory, regulations, Kurt and Lee Ann waded through the mire of information and emerged with a clear, comprehensive understanding of the problem and solution. They have unselfishly shared this information through their book and are probably unaware of the thousands of people they have helped through this effort.

Traditional medicine seems to close its eyes, psychologists imagine psychosis and health officials continue to compile study after study while they ignore the “here and now”. To add insult to injury, the evaluation of indoor environments process has been fiercely protected territory for some “professionals” who have made it virtually impossible for a homeowner to afford assessment. NORMI has taken the ball to develop trainings and do-it-yourself programs that will assist the homeowner to begin the evaluation process in an inexpensive way through www.BestTrainingSchool.com. Once assessed, toxic mold and other biological problems can be managed and that process often results in an improvement to the quality of life indoors.

I am proud to recommend this incredible book to our readers and members. “Mold: The War Within” is available through many book outlets including www.BestLivingSystems.com and is a “must read” for anyone who is seeking answers to questions regarding molds and their devastating effects. A great big “Thank You” to Kurt and Lee Ann Billings for carving out the time to make this book possible.

For more information on toxic mold and to find a mold professional in your area who will be able to help, please see www.NORMI.org and its link to www.NORMIPro.com or call 877.251.2296