Chinese Drywall Education

Doug Hoffman, Executive Director of NORMI, National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors, attended the two-day Chinese Drywall Symposium in Tampa, FL prepared by the Florida Department of Public Health in conjunction with the UF Hinkley Center, EPA, and CPSC (Consumer Public Safety Commission).  The two-day symposium was a technical symposium specifically designed to discuss the origins of the problem, testing techniques for corrosive drywall, remediation methodologies, and health considerations.  In attendance was Senator Bill Nelson, Senior Senator from the State of Florida who has been on the forefront of this issue coordinated the efforts of both federal and state legislative regulators.  He addressed the crowd of 300 professionals giving them hope that the state is committed to finding and solving the problems associated with the tainted drywall.
“This was one of the most informative meetings I’ve attended,” reported Mr. Hoffman, “and absent of the typical hype associated with these kinds of problems.  At this symposium the presenters were able to give some specific testing results and definitive opinions about potential solutions, however, they recognized their limitations and admitted that the final solutions might, in fact, come from the private sector.  All in attendance agreed that more testing, both clinical and field testing, is needed.  Now, as a result of this meeting, we are asking Best Training School, our training provider partner, to develop specific training for the remediation of tainted drywall.  This training will take the best information available and train professionals on the safest techniques for this process.  We imagine there will also be a lot of interest in this training from the homeowners who may want to supervise any work that might be done on their homes.”
As a result of Mr.Hoffman’s request, Best Training School is now incorporating a module on Chinese Drywall Remediation into its five-day CMR (Certified Mold Remediation) class.  “We believe there will be a lot of construction professionals who will be interested in following the guidelines presented in this training and the remediators will have an advantage as this will expand their training,” said Lance Eisen, COO for NORMI.  “When it comes right down to it, who is better qualified to remove corrosive drywall than someone who has been trained in mold remediation, hazard disposal, containment and PPE?  Adding this module just makes sense.”
For more information about the classes, go to or call NORMI at 877.251.2296