NORMI announced today a partnership with Chem-Tex Labs, to begin offering
the product Bacshield to its membership through Best Living Systems, LLC,
beginning immediately.

ChitoSante, the main ingredient in Bac-Shield, is a truly green technology
that is effective as an “antimicrobial for textiles and surfaces by
inhibiting the growth and odor from bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi,”
according to the EPA. This EPA Registered product has been approved for
specific applications, master label available upon request, and has proven
to be effective as a “bacteria growth inhibitor.”

“We are very excited about this product,” said Doug Hoffman, Executive
Director of NORMI, “because we are always interested in offering our members
access to products that are effective but safe. ChitoSante makes a cleaning
program more effective and, as the active ingredient of Bac-Shield,
ChitoSante has a long history of safe effective application.” ChitoSante is
derived from a replenishable natural resource and its by-products will not
pollute the environment. ChitoSante is manufactured from crab shells and
other crustaceans.

NORMI Members are positioning this incredible product for “harsh
environments” because of its relatively low degradation in ultra-violet
exposures. Applied to decking, patios, stone walk-ways, vinyl siding, and
other outdoor surfaces, Bac-Shield will make the surfaces easier to clean
and keep those surfaces clean much longer than without this treatment.

For more information on Bac-Shield, go to or
contact your NORMIPro at 888.845.3029

EPA Registration #81446-1