NORMI Creates New Training/Certification Dealing with Microbial Contamination

04/02/2020  Abita Springs

Considering the current issues with COVID-19, the NORMI Board of Directors has expanded its NORMI Certificate of Sanitization program to include a Microbial Load Reduction protocol.  Sampling bacteria (non-speciated) and air-o-cell (IAQ panel) is used to establish an objective baseline contamination level in the air and on surfaces to determine the success of a protocol addressing both.  This program is supported by an expanded training and certification entitled NORMI Certified Sanitizing Professional.

“Since we began training in 2004 for the Louisiana mold licensing law, we have educated professional on the use of mold as a surrogate for other IAQ contaminants,” said Doug Hoffman, Executive Director of NORMI.  “When you properly use a good biocide and wipe-down to remove mold, it doesn’t leave the bacteria or viruses.  When you use as AFD as an air scrubber, it doesn’t remove the mold spores and leave the pollen still floating in the air.  Our mold professionals have a broader view, than most, of what they can accomplish by using a detailed protocol so it’s only natural that we would design a protocol to deal with all types of microbial problems.”

A surrogate is defined as, “something that substitutes or stands in the place of something else.”  Surrogates are used as a testing technique for air, food and water contaminates to determine both the baseline levels and post-sanitization standards for all types of microbials.  It’s an effective way to determine the cleanliness of air and surfaces.

“The CSP class will be offered in our NORMI LIVE Simulcast Format,” reported Lance Eisen, COO of NORMI.  “We’ve spent a lot of time and effort perfecting this process.  “It’s not perfect, nothing with technology is, but we think we’ve got it.  Our IT department, along with onsite videographer/cameraman Roger Morelli, has tweaked this to make it fully interactive and enjoyable for the student and the trainer.”

The NORMI LIVE Simulcast Format includes an array of cameras in a classroom setting which enables the trainer to get the feel that he/she is in the classroom.  In some cases, a small audience is present to make it more comfortable for the trainer.  With a small administrative staff, questions can be fielded from students and answered in real time.  Classroom materials are provided in advance so the student can follow along in the manual.

The NORMI Certified Sanitizing Professional is a six-module class that includes specific training on microbials, chemistries that address those contaminates and process/techniques to deal with those issues.  A specific protocol has been designed for the CSP, should they choose to use it, that supports the NORMI Certificate of Sanitization program, assuring property owners that their indoor environment, by objective lab sampling, has been properly cleaned. 

The first class will be scheduled soon and registration will be provided at and  For more information contact, call 877.251.2296 or see