NORMI Presents IICRC-WRT in LIVE Online Webinar Simulcast Format

04/02/2020  Abita Springs

Best Training School has been approved to provide the IICRC-WRT (Water Restoration Technician) class in a LIVE setting through its webinar simulcast format.  This unique platform will be utilized to host a NORMI sponsored class broadcast from the BTS Training Room/Studio in Ft. Lauderdale, FL beginning on Monday, 04/20/20 with Joe Dobbins as the trainer.

“We are so excited to be able to offer this opportunity,” said Doug Hoffman, Executive Director for NORMI.  “We have been doing this kind of LIVE webinar training for several years and offer an array of classes especially designed to support our, and the State of Florida, continuing education credits for licensed mold professionals.  I’m so thankful that the IICRC Board of Directors has seen the value in presenting this way and our class will definitely be unique and interactive.”

The NORMI LIVE Simulcast Format includes an array of cameras in a classroom setting which enables the trainer to get the feel that he/she is in the classroom.  In some cases, a small audience is present to make it more comfortable for the trainer.  With a small administrative staff, questions can be fielded from students and answered in real time.  Classroom materials are provided in advance so the student can follow along in the manual.

“We’ve spent a lot of time and effort perfecting this process,” reported Lance Eisen, COO of NORMI.  “It’s not perfect, nothing with technology is, but we think we’ve got it.  Our IT department along onsite videographer/cameraman, Roger Morelli, has tweaked this to make it fully interactive and enjoyable for the student and the trainer.  It’s a first for the IICRC but we think it will become the model to follow as they move into an internet training platform.”

The first class is scheduled for 04/20/20 and registration will be provided at and  For more information contact, call 877.251.2296 or see