Author: Lance Eisen

NORMI Creates New Training/Certification Dealing with Microbial Contamination

04/02/2020  Abita Springs Considering the current issues with COVID-19, the NORMI Board of Directors has expanded its NORMI Certificate of Sanitization program to include a Microbial Load Reduction protocol.  Sampling bacteria (non-speciated) and air-o-cell (IAQ panel) is used to establish an objective baseline contamination level in the air and on surfaces to determine the success of a protocol ...
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NORMI Presents IICRC-WRT in LIVE Online Webinar Simulcast Format

04/02/2020  Abita Springs Best Training School has been approved to provide the IICRC-WRT (Water Restoration Technician) class in a LIVE setting through its webinar simulcast format.  This unique platform will be utilized to host a NORMI sponsored class broadcast from the BTS Training Room/Studio in Ft. Lauderdale, FL beginning on Monday, 04/20/20 with Joe Dobbins as the trainer. “We are so exci...
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