What’s so different about NORMI Training?

Abita Springs, 11/19/2018 This is a question we answered many times at our first ISSA Conference in Dallas and, frankly, are asked many times. Though NORMI™ is not new to the industry (established 07/01/04), the question is understandable as NORMI™, with the help of ISSA, transitions its national program into an international presence. Customized Training—Companies differ in the...
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Why Should Mold Professionals Attend the ISSA Conference?

Having just come back from the ISSA Conference in Dallas, this question is easy to answer. Two things come to mind immediately: 1) Education and 2) Networking. ISSA, founded in 1923, is the largest support organization for the JanSan (Janitorial and Sanitary) industry having thousands of members throughout the world. Their global reach touches every aspect of the profession and, as the leader in ...
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Is it Necessary to Test for Mold Indoors?

Abita Springs, LA 08/22/2018 This is a great question because the answer has been changing over the years, and that, I think, to the better!  Traditionally, the position has been taken that mold testing is unnecessary so that if you see mold you just clean it up, no questions asked.  That’s quick and simple but could be problematic for a variety of reasons. Mold is ubiquitous: a very big word f...
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New Mold Classes Scheduled

Abita Springs, LA January 11, 2018 NORMI™ announced today that for the first quarter of 2018, mold classes are being held in a variety of onsite locations for both private companies and the local professionals.  These classes feature the propriety concurrent training approach assembling assessors and remediators in the same classroom and some are specifically ...
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NORMI Knows Mold

NO Mold
September 22, 2017 Abita Springs, LA Doug Hoffman, Executive Director of NORMI™ , the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors, held a FREE public seminar in Treasure Island, FL on Wednesday night helping property owners understand how to protect themselves for the health problems associated with mold. Prior to the seminar Mr. Hoffman was interv...
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NORMI Water Classes Will Change Your Business!

Water Classes
Abita Springs, LA NORMI™ , the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors, announces a brand-new direction for mold professionals.  Water extraction and drying classes are now a part of the onsite training program offered to mold professionals, both assessors and remediators.  The classes are designed to educate anyone who does emergency drying or wate...
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