Is Training Really Necessary?

Abita Springs, LA Some people our industry view training as unnecessary.  Whether initial training or continuing education training, they view any legislation regarding licensing “unnecessarily burdening” if it includes a requirement for training, either in the field or in the classroom.  This seems to ignore some pretty important reasons for training. “When I was working as a Roofing Contractor...
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Chinese/Contaminated Drywall Fix Unveiled–Remediate Correctly

REPRINT from News Press, Ft. Myers, FL (Dick Hogan) A national mold remediation trade organization was in Fort Myers on Thursday demonstrating a Chinese drywall fix that carries a 10-year warranty and follow-up visits to ensure the hardy bacteria that cause air quality problems are gone for good. The drywall, imported from China mostly between 2004 and 2008, emits sulfur compounds that corrode a...
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Letter from the Editor on Chinese Drywall Training

“We have been studying the Contaminated Drywall issue (formally referred to as ‘Chinese Drywall’, ‘Defective Drywall’, ‘Imported Drywall’ and ‘Corrosive Drywall’) for nearly two years. Our team of expert researchers, engineers, construction professionals, microbiologists and remediation specialists started in the summer of 2008 when clients first called NORMI™ looking for solutions. There has be...
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