Press Release – NORMI Connect

Introducing NORMI Connect: Your One-Stop Hub for Everything Indoor Air Quality! Hey everyone! We're excited to share something that we know will change the way you think about the air you breathe inside your homes and offices. What's NORMI Connect? It's an all-in-one hub that brings you the latest and most reliable information about indoor air quality. Whether ...
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The Top Five Uses For Enzyme Cleaners in the Home

Enzymes are the tools of nature. They are present in all living things, where they perform the essential function of converting food to energy and creating new cell material. As catalysts, they speed up natural processes and create natural reactions that otherwise would not materialize or take a long time to complete. There are thousands of enzymes, each with its unique target. When enzymes are...
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Customer Service Mistakes in the Indoor Air Quality Industry

Does Your IAQ Business Get Thumbs Down for Service? No matter how great your company's product or service is, if your customer service skills are lacking, it won't make much difference. This is especially true in today's economy, as struggling business owners need every possible advantage over their competition. Unfortunately, far too many business owners make the same mistakes over and over agai...
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